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Embracing Diversity in Early Education: Cultivating Strength, Trust, and Resilience in Every Child

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We cannot dismiss children because they are shy or vulnerable or lack resilience. These children need to feel safe so they can trust and build their strength.

Brain diversity does not just magically appear. It can begin in the early years and it’s an honour to be able to reduce stigma by accepting diversity for the big bold love it delivers early educators have an honourable role in changing the course of what is accepted and what is not.

I know for a fact that a child who is “different to the rest” in societies eyes is really not that different. I can also guarantee that those children will remember as adults who cared for them and who helped them find their voice in the face of adversity.

We never know what a child, parent or educator, teacher is going through but I know if we lean in with love we can conquer it all. Lean in with love for each other in the hard times. Have the hard conversations and know that difference in opinion is what teaches us.

One of the most heart moments for me is when I see those children get that spark in their eye. That spark that says I am strong and capable and I know you see me and I know I can cry with with you, get angry with you, get frustrated and get excited with you and you will provide a safe haven for me to explore those big feelings. You will tell me it’s ok and in that moment I will also work on my own regulation. They truly are my heart sparks.

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